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My Business Philosophy

I recognize that direct response marketing is a highly detailed business.  It's also a personal service business.  Thus, I pride myself on providing my clients with a great deal of "hands on" support.  I take the time to understand each organization's mission so that I can be sensitive to its unique "persona."  


When I started my consulting practice in January 1990, I elected to be the sole proprietor, so that I could fully control all aspects of a project, as well as keep costs down.  


I have assembled a team of proven professionals to help me with graphic design and production.  Many clients, especially those with small, overworked staffs, find it much more productive to hire me for their direct mail programs, rather than have their own people learn all the myriad of details, and possible pitfalls, of the direct mail advertising business.  There are some areas where "experience counts," and this is one of them.

The Need Has Never Been Greater!

Non-profit organizations urgently need to raise ever-increasing amounts of funds to meet escalating costs and to expand their missions.


The government is cutting back its funding of non-profits to reduce the deficit and balance the budget.


Competition for foundation and corporate funding has never been as intense.  Submitting seven or more grant proposals may result in only one success. The individual donor takes up the slack...


Individual donors now account to $119.9 billion (80%) of the $144 billion donated to charities in 1996.  When bequests are included, individuals accounted for 87% of all contributions to non-profit organizations.

Over 80% of planned and major gifts come from donors who are familiar with, and have supported, an organization for three or more years.

An unprecedented transfer of trillions of dollars from older Americans to their heirs will be taking place in the next few decades.  All non-profit organizations must take steps today  to benefit from this movement of money.


Direct mail is the proven, cost-effective way to maintain and build your donor base.  And yet the competition for donors has never been as intense, and the costs of direct mail are increasing.  You must mail smarter to be effective in today's market


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